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Jazzy & Amy - The Interview

geschrieben von J LA (Runique) am 12. März 2007
Image Read the latest interview of the world wide known salsa performers Jazzy & Amy from Norway. Get to know how Jazzy & Amy got together. How they start to dance. Take the advices of how to impove your salsa skills and many many more.
Letzte Aktualisierung am 14. März 2007.

Suga Pop - The interview

geschrieben von J LA (Runique) am 15. Dezember 2006

suga pop interview
Lese das aktuelle Interview mit Suga Pop, ein Mitglied der legendären Electric Boogaloos.

Letzte Aktualisierung am 16. Dezember 2006.

Andrew Resurreccion - The Interview

geschrieben von J LA (Runique) am 25. Juni 2006

andrew resurreccion choreographer
DancerZone was out to Zurich/ Switzerland and spoke to one of the developers of Hip-Hop dance culture in Switzerland, Andrew Resurreccion. Andrew told us about his past, his presence and his future.

Letzte Aktualisierung am 19. August 2006.

Chuck Maldanado - The Interview

geschrieben von J LA (Runique) am 23. Januar 2006
chuck maldanado
Chuck Maldanado is one of the elite choreographers and dancers in Los Angeles. Since his big move to Los Angeles he has worked as choreographer and dancer with artist as Ciara, Left Eye, Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue, Blaque, Tamia, Sisqo, Kanye West, Mya, Usher, Pink, Anastasia, Missy Elliot, Ashanti, Ludacris and many many more. Chuck has also appeared in several commercials and movies from Apple I-Pod, You Got Served, Collateral, Honey, From Justin to Kelly, Shark Tale, Garfield, Bewitched just to name a few. 
Letzte Aktualisierung am 25. Juni 2006.

Krazy Kujo - The Interview - Part I

geschrieben von J LA (Runique) am 17. Januar 2006


DancerZone was out to Los Angeles and met one of the most known B-Boys around the world. Krazy Kujo, member of the breakdance crew Soul Control, also known as just Kujo. Kujo has been out of the b-boy scene for a couple of years. Everyone has been asking what happend to Kujo! We talked to Kujo and have got news about him, his past and his great come back! Go ahead to read more about Kujo.

At the end of the interview you wil be able to watch Kujo's NEW VIDEO REAL.

Letzte Aktualisierung am 25. Juni 2006.

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