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You will find all gathered questions which were asked by DancerZone community members more than once here.

If you have a question that is not answered a this point, feel free to write a private message to sun or an email to

I receive Spam in Private Messages!

Some casting-, advertising-, promotion- and other agencies suppose that they can utilise DancerZone for their own interests. They post private messages offering and promising you a great career as a dancer, mostly with references to their events, websites and contact details.

Since private messages are indeed private and we're not able to observe and examine them, it is up to you to report those members to the DancerZone team. We will do everything to dam up this scheming. Users sending ads, promotion or commercial minded offers through private messages may reckon that they will be excluded from the DancerZone community.

If your receive private messages with advertisements, unwanted  offers or spam, please forward this message along with the username of the sender to sun.

Do not reply to such private messages, forward them to us instead. The senders are dubious offerers which promise you many things but do not keep these promises. Professional agencies and providers always get in touch with DancerZone, not directly with you.


Why are there hardly visits on my profile?

The reason for that could be that you don't have any picture of you in your profile and/or you don't realy contribute to the community.

Just think, do you look on profiles which have no pictures?
Would you like to talk to people you didn`t even see a picture of?

DancerZone gives advatages to members who have their picture in their profile. They got shown in modul "Random Users" and they got shown first under menu button "dancers".

Just upload your picture, make sure you are well visible. A nice dance pose or something creative is very attracting, too. Take part in community, exchange your experience in forum.


How can I select more spoken languages?

Click on "Edit my profile" then go to "My Pofile" and go down to Spoken Languages.

Hold down the CTRL key (Mac: apple key) on your keyboard and select your spoken languages.

Tip: This works with most of other applications on your computer.


Am I allowed to advertise in the forums?

No, the forums are only for discussion and exchange of experiences. Violation of our forum rules will be punished with exclusion from the community.

To promote your event, websites or the like there are other possibilities on DancerZone. Contact the DancerZone team and ask for your possibilities.

If you have a concrete concern, simply contact chf, runique or sun.


What do the colors on DancerZone mean?

We have selected specific colors for DancerZone which represent specific areas of the dance community. These make the site clearly arranged and user-friendly.

Currently we have following areas:

orange - The Community
All about the interaction of dance community members.
E.g. Forum, Profile, Dancers etc.

blue - Center Of Information
All happenings around the the dance world.
E.g. Events, News etc.

green - Support for Dancers and questions regarding DancerZone
Here you will find information supporting your dance life.
E.g. specific adresses, health etc.

There will be more areas coming soon, so be curious to see them.


Why are some usernames blue and some pink?

This way you can immediately distinguish who is female (pink) and who is male (blue).


How can I add someone to my friends list?

Go to the profile of the user you want to add to your friends list.

In the upper right corner of his/her profile you will find the button "Request Connection". This user will then appear in the list of friends of your profile. Please be aware that this user will be visible in your own profile for yourself only until that user has approven your request. After approval both of you will appear in the friends list.


Can I get notified when I receive new messages?

Yes. Below all private messages in your inbox you'll find a button to active or deactivate the automatic email notification.

<< E-mail notification is off. [turn it on]>>


How can I sign off / delete my profile?

User profiles are typically not deleted from internet communities. This saves the time to register a new profile again at a later date. Furthermore, all connections to posts in the forums, private messages and much more do not get lost.

Your profile is free and will be free as long as DancerZone will exist. You can disable email notifications for new private messages at DancerZone through the link provided below your inbox.

Anyhow, if you still want to be removed from the DancerZone community, please send a private message to sun or an email with your username to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it . Please ensure, that you send this email from the email address you used to register at DancerZone.


Noch eine Frage offen?

Falls Du eine Frage hast, die an dieser Stelle nicht beantwortet wird, kannst Du gerne eine private Nachricht an sun oder eine eMail an This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it senden.


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