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What is DancerZone?

Written by Daniel F. Kudwien (sun) on 18 December 2005

What the heck is DancerZone?!
The first question of all is answered directly in this article.

No, your membership at DancerZone does not cost anything. :-) It will be free of charge in future, too. And we won't supply your profile information to SPAM-distributors or someone else.

Our goal is to create the international first dance community. We have seen a couple of things in the past - quite a few forums, fairly nice websites, news magazines - but something we are able to represent ourself, participate, involve, communicate and build connections did not hit the spot!

In the past three years we have focused on the life of dancers and found out that there are many things, which we can develop to improve and bring new possibilities into every dancer's life. It doesn't matter if you are just interested in dance or if you are a professional already.

What you can see right now is the beginning of a new era in the world of dance. We have split our aims into several phases - with stage 1 we present you...

Your own dancer profile

...always available and accessible from every place of this earth. With any information possibly in the interest of any other dancer. And it will be extended even more!

We advise you to put a foto of yourself in your profile. So other members will recognize you faster and you'll be contacted more frequently. Or do you prefer to contact people you can't see?

Your own contact list which you are able to add your own friends. You can immediately see who of your friends is currently online. Every other dancer who passes your profile is able to see who your friends are, with whom you are performing or from whom you are learning. New connections and friendships will evolve!

Free exchange of views and ideas our forums. Everyone who has something to say is able to bring him- or herself into world-wide discussions. Ballet dancers may exchange their experiences with Hip-Hop dancers. Every dancer finds new impulses for his or her own dance style!

The latest information of the world of dance

...directly to our news and events. It is our greatest concern to provide you the most comprehensive information and at the same time it is our greatest challenge to find the 'right' information. We work hard to succeed this goal!

As mentioned above - we are in the early stages! In addition to the elimination of some gaps and bugs, which are still on top of our todo list, we are making a point of the realization of some new features. And we already look forward to present you those!

Last Updated on 20 December 2005.
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