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Andrew Resurreccion - The Interview

Written by J LA (Runique) on 25 June 2006

andrew resurreccion choreographer
DancerZone was out to Zurich/ Switzerland and spoke to one of the developers of Hip-Hop dance culture in Switzerland, Andrew Resurreccion. Andrew told us about his past, his presence and his future.

DancerZone: When did you start to dance and how?

Andrew Resurreccion: Well, I started off with my three other brothers: Brian, Irving and John. We formed a dance group RnB ( Resurreccion Brothers ) in ’95. I think I was 15 at that time. We danced stuff like “running man�, something like New Jack Swing. A year later we started to Breakdance more and we were in dance group called DNA (Dawn of a New Age). The members has changed, there were more of us. After DNA I moved to San Diego, California. I was 22. It was only for school reasons. But then I joined another dance group called Culture Shock. Later on in 1999 I got sent to Switzerland to teach for 5 weeks. One year later I got an offer from Sony Music to choreograph Tamy, a singer in Switzerland. I was working with her for one year. After that I got offered to be the director of the Culture Shock Switzerland. Then I got offered the DJ BOBO Celebration Tour. It was in 2002. And the Visions Tour in 2004. So that kept me in Switzerland a bit longer. Later on in 2005 I started off with my own dance company Identity-8 and opened with my brother Irving our dance school American Stylz Dance School in Zurich, Switzerland. But before that we left Culture Shock.

DancerZone: Why did you leave Culture Shock? Did you have any differences?

Andrew Resurreccion: Well. Let’s say the vision of Culture Shock wasn’t my vision. Culture Shock is more a non-profit organisation. In America it’s to get kids out of the streets. What we do is more projects and events, so I wanted to go a different path in the business way. In the dance way we are still the same, like Culture Shock we do Break Dance, New-School, Old-School, Jazz, House and other dance styles. So after I decided to do my own thing, I’ve started my own group called Identity-8.

DancerZone: There is a lot you do with Identy-8 – do you travel a lot with them?

Andrew Resurreccion: We are bringing Identity-8 dance group to different countries to perform or being special guests at events in America and England. This year we are going to Philippines, San Diego and China. On the other hand we also bring dance groups from other countries to us to Switzerland. 
andrew resurreccion - dancerDancerZone: Could you tell us a bit about your dance school?

Andrew Resurreccion: I’ll do. We have a kids program and a kids team, called Kid-8. My brother Irving is the director of Kid-8. Then we have an amateur dance team called Eclectic. Eclectic means taking the best of different dance styles and bring them together. That’s eclectic. Irving is also directing them. And I am directing the professional dance team Identity-8. All three dance groups are under the American Stylz Dance School in Zurich.

DancerZone: I know you organize different dance events. Could you tell us more about that?

Andrew Resurreccion: Yes. For couple of years now we organize dance events in Switzerland. So there are the two dance competitions Dance2Dance and DanceOff. Dance2Dance is an international dance competition. We invite the best dance groups from all over the world to compete at Dance2Dance. Dance2Dance a dance competition which is only for professionals and semi-professionals. There are no pre-eliminations for dance groups from other countries. Only for the dance groups from Switzerland there is a pre-elimination and that is the national dance competition DanceOff. The top three groups qualify to compete at Dance2Dance.

DancerZone: That’s pretty much what you do. But what about the Dance Me Musical you start off that year?

Andrew Resurreccion: Well, when I came to Switzerland people said to me there is no market for that type of dance in Switzerland. They said “Andrew just leave!� But I thought – watch, just give me five years and we will see about that! After five years there are a lot of dance events now. The level is high. And there are much more opportunities than before. So my main goal was to produce a Street Dance musical but at the same level like the common musicals like Cats, Grease and so on. I think now is the right time for it, since we developed a big street dance community in Switzerland and the people know what Street Dance is. So the first dates of Dance Me are going to be at the end of April.

DancerZone: You have been travelling through all of Europe. Could you tell us how you see the dance level of Switzerland in comparison with other countries in Europe?

Andrew Resurreccion: Well, B-Boing, except few B-Boys, is not so high in Switzerland. Also Locking and Popping is behind France, UK or Germany. On the other hand the level of New School Hip-Hop is probably higher in Switzerland than in other European countries. So I compare the percentage of high level Hip-Hop dancers in each country. And I would say Switzerland is high. Unfortunately the American House dance style, people in Switzerland don’t really know. The way they dance House here is more in the direction of jazz. But not the American dance style House. France is quite ahead with House. They really love it! People know about Krumping here, but the scene does not really exist. Freetsyle dancers are really weak in Switzerland. They are more into choreographies.

andrew resurreccion - performerDancerZone: What do you think about DancerZone?

Andrew Resurreccion: I think it’s great! It connects all the dancers’ world together. You need that. For example Americans they don’t know who is in Europe and European they don’t know who is in America. Dancers are naïve about their own world. So I think DancerZone opens more the eyes. Dancers can see what’s going on in other countries.

DancerZone: Who were your greatest inspirations?

Andrew Resurreccion: At the beginning of my dance career it was dance group Culture Shock. I was always into many different dance styles, so it’s hard to say there was someone I liked everything, since the most dancers are specialised just in one certain dance style. But someone I really, really like is Prince, a dancer from Las Vegas. He is into the commercial Hip-Hop Style. Then there is Kevin Brewer from San Diego. He mixes Oldschool, like Electric Boogie and Popping with New School Hip-Hop. And I like Shermin Shoate from Los Angeles. He toured with Destiny Child. So those three guys inspired me enormous.

DancerZone: Andrew, if you are looking for dancers to hire for jobs, what kind of dancer do you look for?

Andrew Resurreccion: That’s a good question. It depends on the project. What I don’t like if they dance exactly like me. So if ask them to freestyle – they can’t. They are robots. They don’t have their own style. They don’t have feeling because the just imitate who I am. But on the other side there are amazing freestylers who have the dopest flow, but if you tell them to do something a certain way – they can’t. They think the way they do is the right way, because they feel it that way. So you see there are an extreme left and an extreme right. So I like dancers who more open. Who can be both – a good freestyler and a good choreography dancer. So if there is freestyler I hire him maybe just for job freestyler needed. For a music video I would hire a choreography dancer, because they should look the same. For our musical I need both since I am looking for characters.

DancerZone: What are the main dance styles your are into? And what would be the style you would like to learn if you had the time?

Andrew Resurreccion: I love B-Boying, Hip-Hop New Style and Freestyle. I go a lot to clubs and just freestyle. I do some Oldschool like Popping and I do love to do Acrobatics and Jazz. If I had the time I would definitely love to learn Tap! Surely I would love to improve more my Powermoves and Jazz.

DancerZone: Andrew, what’s your goal for the next five years?

Andrew Resurrecion: My goal is to keep the company running. Keep doing more events. Doing events where dancers get paid well. I want to create more projects! 

DancerZone: Would you like to thank anybody – just go for it!

Andrew Resurreccion: I want to thank my brother Irving, my family, my whole team and Identity-8. Without them I couldn’t do all the events. I want to thank my other supports Arena 225, a dance school. Sergio Fertitta and Giuseppe Calabro, producers of Dance Me musical.

Identity-8 Dance Group

International Dance Competition 

National Dance Competition in Switzerland 

Last Updated on 19 August 2006.
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