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Top 10 advices to a better dancer! - 1. Believe

Written by Administrator (admin) on 07 December 2005
Article Index
1. Believe
2. Strenghts
3. Music
4. Weaknesses
5. Dance Teacher
6. Rules
7. Instruments
8. Dance Culture
9. Freestyle
10. Opinions

Read the DancerZone Top 10 advices to a better dancer. Use those abstract advices to imrove your dance skills.

DancerZone has goals to be the first to approach dancers and give them a place to be and to give them a chance to support the dance scene. DancerZone will constantly offer you new information about how to develop your dance skills.

 1. Don't believe you already got all skills!

If a dancer is convinced of oneself to be able to do everything already, one will never develop oneself further – that’s because one thinks one is good enough and it is not necessarily to learn more. Notice: there is no one dancer in the world who already knows everything about dance. There is always something new to learn!

Last Updated on 23 December 2005.

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