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Suga Pop - the Interview

Written by J LA (Runique) on 15 December 2006

suga pop interview
Read the latest interview of Suga Pop, the member of Lectric Boogaloos.

DancerZone: Could you tell us your age and what is your origin?

Suga Pop: Sure I can. I am 42 and I am from Jamaica. My family and I immigrated to the US from Jamaica in 1976. That’s how I got to Los Angeles back in the days. 

DancerZone: When did you start to dance and how you finally got to the well recognized „Electric Boogaloos“?

Suga Pop: I started to dance when I was 10. I was 12 when I got into the business and started off to dance shows in bars and disco clubs.
In 1981 I started performing as a member of the dance group called „The Lockers“, the legends of Locking. The Lockers were performing on regular basis at the legendary television show “Soul Train�. Electric Boogaloos were also performing on Soul Train. It was a blast! I told a friend that one day I will become a member of Electric Boogaloos. So I got hooked up with Electric Boogaloos by a friend. I have started to train with them for a while and one day I became the luckiest dancer ever, who has been chosen by Electric Boogaloos to become a member of them. I’ve been dancing with Electric Boogaloos from 1980, but officially I joined the group in 1997. This is when the group officially got back together with Boogaloo Sam.

DancerZone: Do you do any other dance styles beside of Popping, Locking and Boogaloo?

Suga Pop: Actually I have been doing B-Boying
besides of Popping, Locking and Boogaloo. But I quit with B-Boying back in the days. I had to focus myself on less dance styles to get to the high level. Since then my focus is only on Popping, Locking and Boogaloo.

DancerZone: Pop, you have been to all kind of countries already. Did you see any differences between the countries?

Suga Pop: Yes, there are big differences! Japan is very big for their Poppers and Lockers. There are Lockers compared to America 50 to 1 and Poppers probably 25 to 1. In Taiwan they have really good Boogaloo dancers.In Hong Kong I saw the most very good House dancers.

DancerZone: Popping and Locking are still kind of underground. Do you think it will change in the future? And would you be happy about it if Popping and Locking get very popular and commercial?

Suga Pop: Actually, Popping and Locking are today more popular than ever before. We never got commercial. We always keep it real. The Electric Boogaloos don’t go to be commercial – the commerce comes to us. If more commerce comes to us, I’m fine with it. But we still will keep it real and we won’t do things we are not committed to.

DancerZone: Is there any dance event you would recommend to the funky style dancers to go to?

Suga Pop: Sure, there are events I really would like to recommend. One is the UK B-Boy Championship and the other is the Freestyle Session. You definitely should go there!

DancerZone: What are your upcoming projects?

Suga Pop: Poppin Pete and I are going on show and workshop tour very soon. We are going to be in Taiwan, Korea, Japan and many other countries. In December I have to finish 3 records. It is still a secret what the records are about. I still don’t know where I get the time from to get all that done. (He smiles) From March to June the Electric Boogaloos going to start the show and workshop world tour, so watch out!

DancerZone: You have visited DancerZone, what do you think about it?

Suga Pop: That’s really great! It makes our dance world much more open. Some people told me, they think dancing back in the days was much better than now. But it’s totally wrong! There was no information like you can get now. Event Poppin Pete lived half an hour away I still couldn’t talk to him just like that. That’s why I think DancerZone is great thing to keep in touch or to get any information you need from any country. It makes our dance world much bigger!

DancerZone: If there are any supporters you want to thank – just go for it!

Suga Pop: I want to thank Poppin Pete, the funkiest dancer ever. I want to thank Skeeter Rabbit that he showed me what it is to be a man. I want to thank Electric Boogaloos and Rock Steady Crew for everything they ever gave to me.

Last Updated on 16 December 2006.
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