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Win 5 x 2 Free Tickets to the Mega Workshop Tour

Written by J LA (Runique) on 24 January 2007

marvin a. smith workshop tourWin free tickets for the 4th Mega Hip-Hop Workshop Tour or for the 1st Funk / Street Jazz Workshop Tour in March 2007.

DancerZone raffles 5 x 2 free tickets! Get to know more about the workshop tour and how you can win the free ticket on DancerZone.

You can win two free tickets, which you can use for two workshop or one workshop together with a friend.

Dates: 4th Mega Hip-Hop Workshop Tour from 1-11 of March 2007
Choreographers: Jermaine Browne & Dante 7

01. März 2007 Freiburg
02. März 2007 München
03. März 2007 Stuttgart
04. März 2007 Köln
05. März 2007 Frankfurt
06. März 2007 Nürnberg
07. März 2007 Bielefeld
08. März 2007 Leipzig
09. März 2007 Hannover
10. März 2007 Hamburg
11. März 2007 Berlin

Dates: 1st Funk / Street Jazz Workshop Tour from 15-25 of March 2007
Choreographers: Marvin A.Smith  & Dominique Lesdema

15. März 2007 Freiburg
16. März 2007 München
17. März 2007 Stuttgart
18. März 2007 Köln
22. März 2007 Nürnberg
23. März 2007 Hannover
24. März 2007 Hamburg
25. März 2007 Berlin

What you need to do to win the free tickets to the workshop tour

Create a new thread in the englishspeaking forum.
Important: This time only threads which deal with the dance styles Jazz Dance & Modern Dance and Co. will be valid for this ruffle.
Choose an attractive topic. The more interesting for other dancers the better!
Important: Only the topics in the english speaking forum will take part in the ruffle. Topics have to be written in English. Only the English answers are going to be counted. Users are allowed to create more than one topic.

The five winners who will get the 5 x 2 free tickets  will be the ones who has attracted the most dancers to join their thread. That means that the amount of dancers answered to your post is important, not the amount of answers.

The raffle will start from February 3rd and is going to end on Fabruary 22nd. All new threads created in this periode are valid for this ruffle.

The game is really transparent as everyone is able to see who has attracted the most dancers to his thread.

We are really looking forward to your exciting topics!

Commercial threads are not allowed and will be deleted according to our forum rules. Legal action is excluded.

More info and  application on

Last Updated on 24 January 2007.
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