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Promote your event on DancerZone

geschrieben von J LA (Runique) am 21. Juni 2007

Promote your events on DancerZone for free.
DancerZone is young, independent and the first international and multicultural community for dancers of all dance gernes. On DancerZone you have the unique opportunity to attract wide-ranged and even different audience than you will ever find on any specialized platform or through other promotional efforts. It doesn't matter if your events are local, national or international DancerZone gives any event the chance to be announced on DancerZone.

In order to announce your event in our "events" section please send us the required information.

* Titel
* Date(s)
* Description
* Contact information

DancerZone links only to websites which link first to DancerZone. This is a little reward we expect from you, in case you want DancerZone to link to your website. You might link to us as a textlink or a banner you can choose below and inform us about it, so we immediately will activate the link to your website.

Send your information to Diese E-Mail Adresse ist gegen Spam-Bots geschützt, Du musst Javascript aktivieren, damit Du sie sehen kannst.

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