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DancerZone Forum Rules

Dear DancerZone member,

this forum is provided to give you the chance to chat with other dancers about diverse topics. We are interested in lively discussions and expressing different opinions, but we won't tolerate any personal offenses.

To fulfill the interests of all users we are asking you to observe the following rules:

The insignificant short version

  • Do not offend anyone.
  • Keep at the subject or create a new one.
  • Use the search prior creating a new subject.
  • Do not publish any contact details, excerpts of messages and internet addresses.
  • Only publish relevant, neutral URLs, which are for general advantage.
  • Quote contents of other sources, i.e. reflect them in few words.
  • All types of advertising is not allowed.
  • Do not publish events in the forums. To publish an event, simply contact DancerZone.
  • Contents from this forum must not be published outside of DancerZone.

Significant version

  1. Please observe the usual manners of the real live - in particular politeness. All users are bound to treat others with respect and to not offend them. The common laws and statutory provisions have to be observed. Particularly we do not tolerate any personal offenses, that are based on the race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability or any other differences. If you are at variance with someone else please stick to facts and don't get personally. Furthermore we do not tolerate any use of vulgar, improper or vitriolic language. Demonstrate your tastefulness and pay attribute to the other members.
  2. Choose meaningful subjects for your articles, thus don't name them "Question", "Hello" or likewise. Respect the subject of the sub-forum in which you are writing. Please consider that your answer should match the subject of the original poster. If the topic doesn't match you are able to create a new subject (thread).
  3. If you are looking for an answer to a specific question, please use the search first to ensure that no similar or identical subject is already existing. Duplicate subjects will be deleted.
  4. This forum is intended for the exchange of experiences in the world of dance. Any personal discussions or reproaches against other humans or companies have no right to exist in this forum. Discriminating statements regarding dance styles or publicly known individuals won't be tolerated, too.
  5. It is not allowed to publish private details like names, addresses or phone numbers in articles. Private messages must not be published without the given agreement of the sender. Excerpts of emails must not be published on DancerZone.
  6. The declaration of precise keywords as well as naming of URLs to discuss about ist not allowed.
  7. Only relevant URLs may be posted, which supply neutral information or are commonly useful. It is unimportant if the URL is stated as plain text or active hyperlink.
  8. Contents of other websites or other sources have to be quoted, i.e. copied in few words.
  9. The forum must not be used for commercial purposes or self-marketing. Promotional contributions of all types have to be omitted and will be deleted.
  10. Discussions about erotic or pornographic sites are not allowed.
  11. The propagation of contents which are bound to bear hatred towards parts of the population or which are propagated to confront a constitution are expressly prohibited.
  12. For dance events we have the area Events. Organizers who want to promote their event on DancerZone may get into contact with DancerZone.
  13. If you find a posting which does not comply with these rules, please leave a note to a moderator.
  14. Contents of this forum must not be published outside of DancerZone without the prior agreement of the author and the explicit affirmation of DancerZone.
We reserve the right to delete respective postings (without prior announcement) and to ban users out of the forum in case of recurrent offenses. Thus postings may be edited, moved to a more adequate subforum or deleted by one of our moderators without prior notice.

We steadily make an effort to get a qualified moderation through moderators selected by DancerZone. Moderators enjoy our full confidence and do not have to be considered as the forum police. They will support you regarding any questions and are capable conversational partners rather. Anyhow it is the task of the moderators to caution respective users and to ban them at repeated infringements. During that we are making sure that such measures will only be taken if it serves for the quality of this forum and the original intention of a posting will not be modified by this measures.

We reserve the right to modify these rules at any time.

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