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SUGA POP FUNKSTYLE WORKSHOP - 2010/09/29 03:56 Don't miss one of the greatest dancer of planet earth.
Suga Pop - well known from the original ELECTRIC BOOGALOOS. Learn the history and the foundations of Popping and Locking: A MUST for every dancer!!!

15:00 uhr

Musikpark Mannheim
68159 Mannheim

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<div id="navBreadCrumb"> <a href="">Home</a> :: 
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Timberland men's 6-inch red grid boots

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<div id="productMainImage" class="centeredContent back">

<div class="jqzoom" > <a href="" ><img src=" 6-inch-red-grid-boots.jpg" alt="Timberland men's 6-inch red grid boots" jqimg="images//timberlandshoes_/Timberland-men/Timberland-men-s-6-inch-red-grid-boots.jpg" id="jqzoomimg"></a></div>

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<a href="" target="_blank"> <a href="" ><img src=" men-s-6-inch-red-grid-boots.jpg" alt="Timberland men's 6-inch red grid boots" title=" Timberland men's 6-inch red grid boots " width="300" height="224" /></a><br /><span class="imgLink">larger image</span></a>


<div style="width:260px; float:left; margin-left:30px; margin-top:15px;" id='pb-left-column'>
<div style="font-weight:bold; padding-bottom:10px; font-size:14px;">Timberland men's 6-inch red grid boots</div>

<span id="productPrices" class="productGeneral">
<span class="normalprice">$199.00 </span> <span class="productSpecialPrice">$95.00</span><span class="productPriceDiscount"><br />Save: 52%% off</span></span>

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<h4 class="optionName back"><label class="attribsSelect" for="attrib-2">Size
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<option value="2">MensEUR41</option>
<option value="3">MensEUR42</option>
<option value="4">MensEUR43</option>
<option value="5">MensEUR44</option>
<option value="6">MensEUR45</option>
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Add to Cart: <input type="text" name="cart_quantity" value="1" maxlength="6" size="4" /><br /><br /><input type="hidden" name="products_id" value="150" /><input type="image" src=" button_in_cart.gif" alt="Add to Cart" title=" Add to Cart " /> </div>

<br class="clearBoth" />

<span id="cardshow"> <a href="" ><img src=""></a></img> </span>

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<div id="productDescription" class="productGeneral biggerText"><h1><span style="font-size: small">Timberland men's 6-inch red grid boots </span></h1>
<p><span style="font-size: small"><span style="font-family: Times New Roman">The Timerland 6-lnch red grid  boot<strong> </strong>is one of our </span></span><span style="font-size: x-small"><span style="font-size: small"><span style="color: #ff0000"><strong><span style="font-family: Times New Roman"><span style="color: #ff0000">timberland mens 6-Inch </span></span></strong></span><span style="font-family: Times New Roman">on sale now,classically styled.They are constructed of the finest and premium fabric.The lovely patterns make you look very dynamic.It will be you correct choice for your handsome temperament!</span></span></span></p>
<p><span style="font-size: small"><span style="font-family: Times New Roman">Details:</span></span></p>
<p><span style="font-size: small"><span style="font-family: Times New Roman">* Direct-attach waterproof construction.<br />
* Seam-sealed waterproof gear keeps you dry in steady rain and on wet ground.<br />
* Durable laces and rustproof hardware for long-lasting wear<br />
* Footbed and shaft of the boot is lined with soft leather, the toe box and forefoot is lined with moisture-wicking <strong>fabric<br />
</strong>* Rubber lug outsole for traction and durability<br />
* Steel shank provides maximum support<br />
* A great must-have boot!</span></span></p>
<p style="line-height: 16.5pt; margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: small"><span style="font-family: Times New Roman"><span style="mso-bidi-font-size: 10.5pt" lang="EN-US"></div>

<br class="clearBoth" />

<div id="img_bg" align="center">

<p style='text-align:center;'><a target="_blank" href=" 6-inch-red-grid-boots.jpg"><img itemprop="image" src=" 6-inch-red-grid-boots.jpg" alt="/timberlandshoes_/Timberland-men/Timberland-men-s-6-inch-red-grid-boots.jpg"/></a></p>

<div class="centerBoxWrapper" id="similar_product">
<h2 class="centerBoxHeading">Related Products</h2>

<td style="display:block;float:left;width:24.5%%;">
<div style="width:160px;height:200px;">
<a href=""> <img src=" Mens-6-Inch-Waterproof-Boots-White.jpg" alt="Timberland Mens 6-Inch Waterproof Boots White" title=" Timberland Mens 6-Inch Waterproof Boots White " width="160" height="128" /></a></div><a href=""> Timberland Mens 6-Inch Waterproof Boots White</a>
<td style="display:block;float:left;width:24.5%%;">
<div style="width:160px;height:200px;">
<a href=""><img src=" 6-Inch-Boots-Cow-Leather-Blue.jpg" alt="Timberland 6-Inch Boots Cow Leather Blue" title=" Timberland 6-Inch Boots Cow Leather Blue " width="160" height="160" /></a></div><a href=""> Timberland 6-Inch Boots Cow Leather Blue</a>
<td style="display:block;float:left;width:24.5%%;">
<div style="width:160px;height:200px;">
<a href=""><img src=" Mens-Canvas-Shoes-Black.jpg" alt="Timberland Mens Canvas Shoes Black" title=" Timberland Mens Canvas Shoes Black " width="160" height="106" /></a></div><a href="">Timberland Mens Canvas Shoes Black</a>
<td style="display:block;float:left;width:24.5%%;">
<div style="width:160px;height:200px;">
<a href=""><img src=" Timberland-Mens-boat-shoes-24.jpg" alt="Newest Timberland Mens boat shoes" title=" Newest Timberland Mens boat shoes " width="160" height="106" /></a></div><a href="">Newest Timberland Mens boat shoes</a>

<div id="productReviewLink" class="buttonRow back"><a href=" products_id=150&number_of_uploads=0"><img src=" button_write_review.gif" alt="Write Review" title=" Write Review " width="98" height="19" /></a></div>
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<a style="color:#000; font:12px;" href="">Payment Methods</a>  
<a style="color:#000; font:12px;" href="">Contact Us</a>  


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<div align="center" style="color:#000;">Copyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved. </div>



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